Graise Business Services (GBS), an independent consultant, provides services to firms nationwide who use Yardi's ERP solutions for their accounting software and property management system.  GBS assist clients with projects from conversions, new start-ups, training, to back office support.  GBS helps Yardi clients with data prep work to prepare them for a successful conversion to Yardi's Genesis, Breeze or Voyager products.  GBS also assist with data conversions from other software products, both Yardi and non-Yardi, by using Yardi's ETL import and/or Yardi-to-Yardi conversion tools.  GBS provides Back-Office support when clients request assistance due to the lack of much needed resources.  Check out the Services link to see a more comprehensive list of services.

GBS has experience in Yardi and other property management products from as early as 1998.  The experience includes performing the duties of implementation consultant with Yardi Systems, Inc. and DBA for Yardi products as a client in the Residential and Commercial markets.

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