COA Review/Setup

A comprehensive review of your chart of accounts will be performed pre- or post-implementation to assure G/L accounts needed exist for a successful implementation or efficient use of the Yardi products.

Data Imports

Yardi provides tools to assist clients in onboarding data into their database efficiently. ETL import function will be used to import data.  Yardi to Yardi conversion tool will also be used to assist Yardi Client sellers and buyers in sharing acquisition data to facilitate a smooth transition.


Database Administration

GBS provides database administration services which includes database customization, menus and security setup.

Commercial Property Setup

GBS assist with setting up commercial leases. Setup includes units, area measurements, tenants and their monthly charges. Retail and CAM setup is also provided if needed.

Help-Desk Support

GBS also provides additional help-desk support for clients who do not have a database administrator on staff.

Residential Property Setup

GBS assist with setting up residential properties for new database implementations and acquisitions. Setup services include property, units, tenants, roommates, agents, sources, results and reasons, rentable items, and amenities. 

Project Management

GBS provides project management services to Yardi Clients.

Data Cleanup

GBS also provides data cleanup services using appropriate tools provided in System Administration and ySQL to help data flow properly into reports.


GBS provide implementation services for new Yardi clients; and for existing Yardi clients, GBS also assist with add-on modules and property acquisitions.

Report Writing

GBS provides minimum report writing services (to screen delivery only) which includes Custom Financials and Account Trees. Will recommend appropriate resources for more complicated report writing needs.


Whether you need training on or off-site, GBS can do either. On-site training can range from one-on-one to classroom size training.  On-line training is provided using GoToMeeting. Open to travel anywhere in the US.

Other Modules/Functions Supported

Maintenance, Payscan, Checkscan, JobCost, RentCafe', Rent Cafe' CRM, Intercompany, Cash Management Setup, EFT Recurring Receipts, Credit Card Recurring Receipts, Bank Reconcilliation, 1099s, YardiOne, etc